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The system is a web based Manufacturing System that enables a Manufacturing company to schedule its manufacturing operations based on the daily update of sales from its dealers. The system is modeled to be used by a Manufacturing company, whose main activity is manufacturing different products & then selling the finished goods through a network of Dealers.

To start with, the Stocks of all the Products manufactured by the company and held in the company warehouse are stored in a Database. The details that are stored include the quantity of each product held with the company dealers who hold the stocks of finished products for sale.

Once the sales figures of Products sold in the past week are entered by the Dealers over the Internet along with the Orders for the next delivery, the schedule for the next week’s production will be drawn up. A report of the required raw materials or parts will be drawn up with the approved suppliers for each & the suppliers will be intimated about the part requirements over the Internet & asked to quote their rates. The message asking for a Quotation will be sent as an e-mail message. Once the rates are quoted, the Order will be placed with the required delivery schedules. 

The system incorporates intelligent Order processing System that checks and intimates the required Higher-ups in the Company about any discrepancies in the Orders that were placed. For example if an Order is placed with a Supplier whose rates are not the least then an automatic Event-generation will send the details of the Order & the person who placed it to the Managers or Directors who are supposed to oversee the process.

Once the parts are supplied the Part Stocks will be updated. Then a production plan will be drawn up taking the Bill-of-materials into consideration. The Bill-of-Materials contains the details of each Product & the type & quantity of Parts required for manufacturing a single unit of the Product. Once the Production plan is approved, the Part Stocks will be updated when the Parts are issued to the Production Department. Once the finished products are available from the Production Department, the Products will be dispatched based on the Orders placed by the Dealers. The stocks with the dealers will also be maintained.

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