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The Project entitled "Project Management Information System (PMIS)" deals with the various levels of project development and will account for time used in analysis, design programming, testing and verification etc.
Information systems development projects range from one-person projects that take very little time and effort to multiple person, multi year efforts costing millions of dollars. The goal of Project Management Information System (PMIS) is to prevent projects from coming in late and going over budget.
Project Management Information System (PMIS) gives the management a clear picture of the usage of time by various projects i.e. utilized time and unutilized time. Every activity, no matter how small or large, requires use of the commodity called time. There is no substitute for time as there are substitutes for other resources. As such it is one of the most precious of resources. By analyzing the results provided by the software they might rectify the defects in utilizing time and take remedial actions.
 Project Management Information System (PMIS) takes time sheet as input. The input may be in non-standard format differing from project to project.
 Project Management Information System (PMIS) produces output in the form of reports. This output gives a clear picture of the time used at various levels of the project.

In Project Management Information System (PMIS) new project information is entered by the technical manager, based on the project information project manager will assign activities to employees who are working under him.

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