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online order processing system with AJAX enabled


In the past few years, developers could choose between two approaches when building a web application. The first approach was to create a screen based system with very rich interactions using a sophisticated technology such as java or flash. The alternative approach was to create a page – based system using easier to learn core web standards like XHTML and CSS whose more basic capabilities force less-rich interactions. A new technological approach, dubbed Ajax, might just be the right mix between the two.
            Screen based applications offer users the ability to enter and manipulate information on a small number of screens that instantly update with any submitted changes. Developers typically build these applications, which mimic the sophistication of desktop applications developers who build page based applications using standard web technologies are forced to deal with the load- reload effect of normal web pages. As a result, users who enter and manipulate information in page based applications must sit through a page refresh in order for their changes to take place.
            While both approaches have proven successful, each has drawbacks. Screen based approaches, for example, require significant development time and effort because they are built with difficult to learn and often proprietary programming tools. While easier to build than their screen based counter parts, page based approaches provide a less seamless experience.
            Ajax is a new web approach that marries the benefits of both screen and page based approaches. By allowing more sophisticated functionality using easier to implement web standards, Ajax is proving a real alternative for creating powerful web applications.

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