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Internet browser is a general application which allows the user to connect to the Internet and browse the HTML / WML (Hyper Text Markup Language and Wireless Markup Language) pages. This application is familiar to all the desktop PC users since long. Now this project attempts to use the same kind of application targeted for mobiles devices.
This project addresses the needs of the users interested in browsing HTML or WML pages via their mobiles. Anyway, few mobiles in the current market have browsers installed in them by default. Even these mobiles do not have them in a rich way as we contemplate in this project. In the existing browser applications on the mobiles, the GUI is less intuitive and not menu driven. The current project is planned to incorporate such features.
This project has a complete and robust GUI interface for the mobiles that are J2ME enabled. Most of the features that are available in the regular browser application are made available here. Anyway, as the resources and the screen size of the mobile are limited, one cannot have the web pages that are rich in image content rendered on the mobiles. Preferably text-rich web pages best suit the mobile screens with small or no images at all. Hyperlinks can be contained by the text pages which route the control of the browser to connect to the specified URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Even the web content providers are aware of the fact that mobiles require less content rich pages, and as such they use two separate versions of a web page, one targeted for desktop and the other for mobiles.
This project also embeds a HTML / WML parser application developed by me, which is the vital part of the entire project. This parser has been designed in such a way that it cannot understand all HTML / WML tags available for the desktop browsers. Because most tags are not suitable for mobile screens(in view of severe memory constraints), only the most common tags of these markup languages are understood by the parser.
Facilities like caching the simple pages are given and storing pages is also possible with this application. Storing a web page either as a HTML or WML page requires the interaction with the mobile file system, which in turn requires the use of the Connector Framework suggested by the Sun for its mobile platform.
The usage of the browser on mobile devices requires the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) connection, which must be provided by the mobile service provider. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) gateway is also a requirement from the service provider side.

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