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Web-Based Library


It is rightly said, “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge achieved from reading Books. Hence LIBRARY is an area where collection of books is done. Therefore Library is one of the most key components of an education Institution. An excellent Library, stocked with varied reference books from basics to advanced study helps the Students to enrich their knowledge. The Library must be constantly updated with the Latest books of knowledge. The library should guide the following values: Knowledge, Service, Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Communication.
The most important department in and across the departments of an Educational institution is Library department. It holds immense potential in terms of effectively and efficiently learning information through various resources available. The main purpose of the Library management system is to reduce the work of the Librarian. Library management system is being maintained manually till now, through this application it can be maintained in the database.
This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the web. This system can be used to search for all books, search books based on author, search books  based on title  and reserve books,  find out book  is in available state or not. This is one integrated system that contains both the user component and the librarian component.
The Librarian is granted administrative powers and can perform all the actions such as adding new books to the library, updating existing books, deleting books, see the students requests and issuing books, renewal & returning of books and managing all the accounts. Librarian can access the account of any user and modify it.

In this Web-Based Library project there are mainly 2 modules

  1. Student.
  1. Librarian.

Student search all the books, books based on title and based on author Not only see the books details can also reserve the book if the status of the book is Available by using this system the reduce the librarian work.

Librarian can add the new book details, update existing book details, if Books are old then deleting books into database, issue and renewal books. Librarian Can see the list of all reservation forms, list of issued books, list of renewal books, List of reservation forms, list all books, list books based on title, list books based on Author, list of all students and also see the inventory details.
 In Student module students are first enter into the site by using user id and Password if these are correct then entered into site other wise rejects the request. In This site students are first search all books, search books based on title and search Books based on author in this students are seen the status of the book if is available or not if it is available then see the book id for reservation purpose and finally Reserving the book through web.

In Librarian module librarian add new book details into database if books are
Referenced once then keep the status as not available ate the time of adding new Book details. If librarian wants to modify the book details then update book details Option is available. If book are old then librarian can delete the book into database.

Librarian can also see the search the all books, search books based on title and search books based on author. And issue the books to students. Student’s request forms are stored into reservation table. Librarian can see those forms by clicking the option of list of reservation forms then issue the books to those students who are requesting for what books. Librarian can see the inventory of all books, list of issued books, list of renewal books, list of all students. If librarian wants to send messages to students then see the student’s details and send messages to their mail ids or call to their mobile numbers. Librarian can issue books to students’ maximum of four.

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