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Video Conferencing system will be a program designed to provide a multi-platform video conferencing solution on Microsoft Windows Environment. The motivation behind this project comes from the lack of platform independent solution for Video Conference. Proprietary hardware and platform specific video formats require Video Conferencing applications to be tailored and rewritten for each computing platform.

The emergence of Java technology provides tools to create platform independent applications. However, it is the general belief among technologies is that java technology is not suitable for computational intensive tasks, such as encoding and decoding video or audio, which are required in a video conferencing application. The ultimate goal of this project is to explore the feasibility of creating video conferencing application using java’s latest multimedia technology, java media frame work.


This is an online Video Conferencing System that is to be developed using Java and JMF. This project is mainly desired to maintain the video conferencing on the Internet. This should make possible the video transfer as well the voice transfer on the Internet to our desired destination, and the connections over the net should also be maintained. This should manage more than one connection at a time and should provide a chance to conference with more than one user.  Even if the user is connected to more users he should be given a chance to pause one voice connection and can continue with the other. He should be given a chance to manage his connections.  He should be given a chance to disconnect particular one from the existing connections.

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