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          The project entitled “Telecom connection system” deals with fully automated system used by the Telecom department.

            Telecom industry is one of the major sectors, which provides so many services to their customers such as request for a new connection, change of number, billing etc.              Maintaining all these services manually is complicated process.

 The main objective of this project is to automate the services provided by telecom companies, by which customer can use all the services online.

The project has been divided into four modules.

  • Applications
  • Entries
  • Enquiries
  • Complaints

The Applications module provides following services.

  • A customer can apply for a new telephone connection by filling the form.
  • He can request for transferring phone connection to another location.
  • He can modify the mode of bill payment details.
  • He can also cancel his phone connection.


The Entries module provides following services.

  •  If the customer requested for change of telephone number, here if we enter the old number, it will display the new number.

The Enquiries module provides following services.

  • The customer can make a request about his bill.
  • He can also know the information about changed numbers.
  • He can also ask about the status of his applications.

The Complaints module provides following services.

  • The customers can complaint regarding the service and all other issues.


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