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When a software development company wants to achieve its goals on time and efficiently use its staff on the projects, it is necessary for the company to have hands on information related to number of employees working on various projects along with their skill set and the number of employees still needed to complete the projects on time. Resource Planner is a convenient tool to handle various projects in a software company efficiently.

Resource Planner is an online tool to manage projects currently running with the company as well as future projects. This tool tracks the employees working for the existing projects and details of new projects like no. of employees required, location, etc. This tool is very useful in estimating revenue, etc which helps higher management to know the status of the various projects and work force. With this tool HR can estimate the requirement of employees for the new projects and hence can recruit exact number of employees.

This application maintains the centralized database so that any changes done at a location reflects immediately. This is an online tool so more than one user can login into system and use the tool simultaneously.

The administrator of this software will be able to create new users and remove any user. He allots passwords and changes them. He can view the details of all employees in the company. He can also view the management reports where the information is presented project wise and location wise.

HR manager should take a decision regarding whether to recruit any employees and whether there is dearth of any resources in a project. The project manager can view the details of the employees in the company and the employees in his projects. He can also get the information of how many employees are there in a particular project and their skill set. When he wants employees for a particular project, he can add that information mentioning how many are working on the project and how many employees are totally needed for the project. This information can be had both for online and offline projects. This information is used in generating a special report called GAP summary.

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