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Proposed Key Generation For Multimedia Application


Title: Efficient key Agreement for Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups

The Efficient key Agreement for Large and Dynamic Multicast Groups is used as the core component of many web and multimedia applications such as pay-TV, teleconferencing, real-time distribution of stock market price and etc.
The main challenges for secure multicast are scalability, efficiency and authenticity. In this project, we propose a scalable, efficient, authenticated group key agreement scheme for large and dynamic multicast systems. The proposed key agreement scheme is identity-based which uses the bilinear map over the elliptic curves.
 Compared with the existing system, the proposed system provides group member authenticity without imposing extra mechanism. Furthermore, we give a scalability solution based on the subgroups, which has advantages over the existing schemes. Security analysis shows that our scheme satisfies both forward secrecy and backward secrecy.
The objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. Design the single multicast group.
  2. Generation of private keys for users.
  3. Encoding and decoding of text message
  4. Secure transmission of session key by using the algorithm Data Encryption Standard (DES).
  5. Design the multi group with multiple data stream in such a way that reduced overhead of key server.

The modules that are include in this project are,

  1. Key Generation

                                Generate Private Keys

      2.   Message Transmission

  1. Cryptography


  1. Authentication

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