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The actual problem is to maintain different database for an organization whose main purpose is to issue pay-slips for their employees every month working in various departments of the organization, and maintain details of all the departments, employees with various grades, their designations and address details.
In the manual system it is difficult to maintain data and generating different reports according to requesting transaction. In the present system it is becoming difficult to issue pay-slip for all the employee every month by manually going through the various record of the organization. i.e the manger have to go through all the records of the organization of various departments of the and find out the employee working in a particular department and go through his grade, and he have to check the employee leaves of  that month, his earnings and his deductions along with his pf and all other deduction including his IT and savings. So, to perform all these activities it is becoming difficult the admin/manager every month.
Hence in order to overcome the difficulties of the organization the present system is automated to perform all the activities of the organization.

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