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Title   :  Online Examination

The application is developed for Core Software Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad.
Core software Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad is a 100% export oriented scheme for development and export of Software. This is started to promote Software exports by helping Software Companies in terms of providing high speed satellite links, giving all required government clearances at single point.

There is always a rising need to conduct tests to assess a person’s knowledge in a subject. As the number of people taking the test is increasing it is becoming difficult to manually evaluate the results, hence the system was developed. This was specifically developed to make it available globally on the Internet.

The system developed is designed such that it enables all the interested people to take the test irrespective of the time. Whenever the User finds free times he can use the OnLine Exam and assess his depth of knowledge.

The application starts by accessing the User name and Password form the User and allows the User to select a subject in which he desires to take the exam. After selecting the subject in which he desires to take the exam. After selecting the subject the instructions regarding the Time limit, Total marks, Qualifying marks and percentage are displayed. Only if he accepts to the terms and regulations, Questions screen is displayed to the User and is also represented in Graphics in order to give a clear picture to the User.

The system is interactive and user friendly. The system is developed using Java, AWT, Applets, Servlets, JDBC, HTML, & MS-Access.

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