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NetSurey Simulation


The main aim of the project Netsurvey Simulation System is to permit the
authenticated users to Better Understand the Functionalities of Different Protocols

in Different Stages of Data Transfer using OSI Layers.

       The Netsurvey Simulation System is a new system bringing OSI Layers information in a better way,  in which different way Layers differ with each other and the way of
running of information in each and every Layer.

       The new Netsurvey Simulation System includes a no of features which helps the

End User in a reliable and easiest  Simulation of the Protocols

  • Can Check any one of the Layers Directly
  • Separate Links between Protocols of different Layers
  • Parallel execution of the sessions
  • Giving a chance for manipulating the settings or options of different Layers.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere on the web

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