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Every hospital needs an online system where by it can accommodate the patients comfortably and avoid any confusion to the doctors regarding their work. There should be a system where the patients are categorized under insurance policy and non policy holders and the system helps the hospital management to claim the bills from concerned insurance companies. All these needs and much more are fulfilled in MediTracker.

MediTracker is useful to record patient’s details along with the compliant. It also records the inpatient details and outpatient details and arranges the appointment of doctors. MediTracker also provides the management reports like schedules, appointments of doctors, inpatients, insurances and discharges. And also used to generate bills dynamically for the discharged patients etc.

The administrative user can create new users and change their passwords. He can add the doctor’s information as well as new doctor’s details. He can add information related to inpatients, outpatients, rooms availability, billing and insurance information. The administrator can view the management reports.

The doctors can change their own passwords. He can view his own appointments and information of inpatients and outpatients for any day.

Manager is another person who manages the activities in the hospital. He can add a new doctor to the list. He can also add new room information. He can view the information of doctors, rooms and patients.

An accountant can add the information related to patient insurances and view all the reports. He can view the details of inpatients, outpatients and discharged patient’s information. He also collects the bill amount from the patient and enters it into the system. MediTracker thus ensures smooth operation of the hospital management tasks as well as offering facility to the patients.

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