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The demand for cost and time saving technologies in combination with competitive pressures within corporate environments has made VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology an alternative option for enterprise network connectivity. However, the amount of available information and the speed at which technical landscapes are changing quickly outpaces typical VPN solutions being developed. Rapid development and abundant options create complexity for network designers with respect to choosing and implementing the proper VPN technology.

LAYER TO FORWARD PROTOCOL is a Java tool to observe network traffic virtually. Network administrators facilitate to monitor VPN (PPTP / IPSec / SSH) and SSL (HTTPS) connectivity of wire line/wireless networks. The graphical representation makes it easy to visualize messages being sent between computer nodes. Users can also read messages not of the above types in plain text. Connection statistics can be used as a measure of network security. The PRO edition allows network administrators to monitor multiple and remote networks.


  • Capturing Packets

By choosing a network card can capture packets from the network.It will list out all the network devices in the system, when we select one of those devices this application  will capture all the packets coming form that device. 

  • Drawing Connections

In the network traffic visualization, VPN and SSL connections                                                        are represented in colors other than black. When the packets are captured from the network card then it will captures all the IP addresses of the systems which are connected in the network.

  • Plotting Network

Each message captured by Layer to Forward Protocol is represented graphically by an edge connecting two computers. Since messages are sent both ways ,when a message is passing from one system to another system then a edge connecting those two computers are drown dynamically.

  • Dumping Text

All messages not sent through VPN nor SSL are printed onto the screen. The latest arriving message will be appear at the top of the table. Different filters will be developed to locate messages containing sensitive information.

  • Collecting Statistics

Dynamic updating of the statistics table. The statistics table collects the fractions of secure connections and packets in the network. It will represent all the information how many packets are transferred in the subnet.


  • Resolving IP Address:

Layer to Forward Protocol will support the functionalities of resolving IP        addresses to hostnames depending on the capturing device.

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