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The aim of the project is to provide a way of efficient communication among the users (Clients) located on different places within an Organization using Distributed Computing (Intranet). Any two users can communicate to each other using the front en given to them. The user just start the client program and registers him self with the server to start the communication.

         The project contains distributed multithreaded server program, which receives the requests from the clients for the following:

  1. The client registers himself with server for chatting.
  2. The client sends the message to any other clients.
  3. The client unregisters himself from the chatting.

The server program should take care of all these activities carefully. In the first activity the server should store all the user names and client references in a hash table and the server uses this Hash table for sending the messages to clients, registering and unregistering the user names. When any new clients joins the chat group the information should be Immediately shown in the choice boxes of al the clients as all as in their text areas.

In the second activity the server should invoke the respective method to find the target client from the hash table and should sent the message to the target exactly.

When any client unregisters from the chat group this should be conveyed to al the remaining clients present.

The server program should run continuously which keeps track of al the clients
The client is provided as an applet with the following front end.

There may be number of clients started simultaneously and can chat to each other through the server.


  • This project can be done using any one of the following Distributed Technology such as (RMI/CORBA)
  • Use proper validations wherever necessary.
  • It is recommended to use the light eight sing components to create the front end.

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