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Graphical User Interafce


The ambition where to develop a fully functional GUI designer for Java. It was to be 100% cross platform compliant, fast and easy to use with "hidden" power features, such as keyboard shortcuts for all operations. The program will base it's structure on open standards and therefore have a strong foundation which easily can be extend. All code must be available to the public and based on the open source Gnu Public License.

The Gart must be easy to install and use. It will implement several quick start features which, makes it easy to start on new project without getting to many questions. It's very important that The Gart will not implement anything else then GUI features and that way avoid becoming a monster application using unnecessary time and resources.

By implementing all these features we hope The Gart will be an unique application and appeal to all levels of Java coders.

System Specification:

The system on which the project developed has the following configuration.

Hardware Specifications:

            Main Memory                        :           64MB.
            MicroProcessor                    :           Pentium –III.
            Hard Disk Drive                    :           4.3 GB.
            Cache Memory                     :           512KB.      

Software Specifications:
            Operating System                :           Windows 98/NT.
            Front End                              :           Java Using Swings/AWT.
            JAVA VERSION                   :           JDK 1.4

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