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It would be very convenient if the common man gets the information of all the events taking place at various locations on a single portal:

  • With location information
  • Event informationGoogle map-wc

To provide a Google Map Based Event Management Portal using which the user can register for the various desired events happening at any location from anywhere, which saves time and cost, thus makes the system more interactive, dynamic and flexible.

    The project uses Flex based Google Maps as the front-end. As soon as the application is launched, one can identify a particular location. Whenever the user clicks over the location, it gets a list of all the events that take place on a particular day. By clicking on the name in the list, one can register for that event. When the registration process is completed, one will come to know about the number of members, at what time the events are scheduled, and also ready to have open chat with the members.

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