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This project will give you full information about the company and it’s products. The system also is an interactive and user friendly one. The system is flexible enough to cope up with the changing trends of the company.

            The system provides an easy way of selecting a particular transmitter and is able to give an easy way of selecting the properties from the specifications of a particular type of transmitter. There should be no difficulty for the user to generate the Quotation for the selected code or filling up the order form.  The system provides the interface for the database backup i.e. the company wants to change, modify and update any information.

             The entire system is made available around the world through internet. The system is generated with the MVC architecture using Servlets, JSP concepts in java. Servlets are most powerful concept of java using which we can make the system global; also we can directly access the database from servlets.

    One of the advantage of the servlet is that we can use HTML and JAVASCRIPT to the maximum extent. Using HTML we can make the front end look beautiful and attractive, we need to use the backend as ORACLE server , which in possible with JDBC

                                    One of the major products of the company are transmitters , pressure transmitters are widely used in the industrial sector . They are one of the leading companies in Asia in manufacturing these transmitters and have a wide market around  the world .
                                 There are seven different types of pressure transmitters:
                                  Absolute pressure transmitter.
                                  Pressure transmitter.
                                  Remote seal type transmitter.
                                  Differential pressure transmitter.
Remote seal type differential pressure transmitter.
Flow transmitter.
Level transmitter.
                                      Each of these seven transmitters is further divided into two different transmitters is further divided into two different transmitters. Based in the type of the transmitter , they are named as  ‘A-series’ or ‘C-series ‘. For each of A-series or C-series there are fifteen set of specifications and each specification contains set of  properties .
                             Combination of properties that are derived from each specification defines the actual transmitter . Each  property in a specification corresponds to a particular code .  The code corresponding to the property from each specification is taken into a table . After generation of the entire code  the quotation is  prepared .
                                  The entire process is very complicated  lengthy and tedious .Moreover  marketing personnel need to carry a hefty manual to refer to the code .
     Due to the increasing demand for the product around the world through manual approach of the company was unable to satisfy all the customers. So that they can satisfy all the customers and also meet the increasing global demand for their products. The system developed had to be available through out the world in Internet.

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