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Finance Managment


The system mainly deals with the automation of the activities performed at Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation (APSFC), which issued various kinds of loans to their Customers and accepts monthly installments from them.
All the master information is gathered pertaining to the employees working in the organization, Industries to whom the loans are issued.  Different types of loans available are designed and the interest rates applicable are set in the master tables.
Initially after registering the customer, loan is sanctioned according to his requirement and eligibility.  Details of a particular loan are gathered such as loan number, customer number, loan code, amount, interest, and number of months, monthly installment and date of sanction.
When the Industries pay the loan installments, details of loan number, payment id, amount and date of payment are gathered and stored.
Simply choosing the appropriate menus such as Employee details report, Customer details report, generates various reports, Loans detail report, Interest report, Customer-loan details report & Payment details report.
The system security is taken care of by a login form, which is allows only authorized users to utilize the system.
The main aim/objective is to develop an effective system, which is fast, accurate, consistent, reliable, and flexible enough so that in can accommodate any further expansion.

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