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Ecommerce shopping cart


       E-Commerce Shopping Cart is Software designed for customers to order food online.
      The main aim of the project is to provide service smart security to the customers. This
system provides good and efficient information and thus making the service smarter. It is
an interface for customers to browse the catalogue and order the food online. Using the
power of Internet multiple interest parties can order with complete security and control.
ESC system maintains and processes all sort of information pertaining to the order type
options control the life cycle of an order. It provides an end to end solution to sell and
    By following this new approach the information can be accessed from anywhere just
with a mouse click. This helps the users by saving lot of time and providing the user with
up to date information.
    This developed package provides a good interface between the user and the database.
    This new approach will guide the user if at all any invalid entries are made and provide
feedback to the users.
     This will sustain reasonable amount of traffic and provide the user with the required
information without any delay.
           This project provides a very good user interface such that any one can easily
understand and can access the information with least effort.

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