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Journey became part and parcel of a human being’s life. Without moving around, people cannot communicate and share the moments with others. In this busy world, especially when more and more population is seen in the developing nations, it is highly essential to have a comfortable and safe journey. When a passenger wants to go on a journey, he wants to first reserve some seat in a bus and for the intended date. This becomes easy with EWheelz software which helps in obtaining reservations of seats in a bus well before and take the tickets also online by staying at home.
EWheelz software is a globally deployable, integrated, workflow based end-to-end system  starting from searching bus routes to book them online. This is a complete application for travelers as well as venders. Vendors provide the information like, available routes, timings, price, etc. Customers can book a ticket which is a five step process that includes Search Bus, Select Bus, Select Seats, Provide Customer Information and Make Payment.  This application also provides facility to cancel a booked ticket online. There is also scope to measure the user satisfaction regarding the entire booking process. He can express his views or grievances through testimonial option in the application so that it reflects the goodwill of the travel company and helps other users to have trust in the company.

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