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The e-Transaction Interface is the designed targeted at the future banking solution for the users who is having multiple bank accounts at the multiple banks. This interface integrates all existing banks and provide business solutions for both retail and corporate.
            This system acts as a standard interface between the clients and all the banks that register with the system and clients who maintains accounts in various banks don’t have to visit individual bank’s website to make money transactions instead he can directly log on to E-Transaction Interface and make any kind of request and get his work fulfilled and in the backend the system will take care of all the obligation required in order to carry on transaction smoothly
                          The main Vision of this project is to eliminate all the diversities amongst banks, which generally client faces at the time of any transaction. By doing so Client will used to only one Systematic Standard way of banking and there by they will be at ease using this interface.
              The kind of functionality it’s capable of providing also reveals the kind of banking facilities that a customer could get online. Of course, the bank that implements this solution decides the features available to customers.                     

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