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E-COMMERCE Mechanism


This project is an e-commerce project. It is the development of a support site for Maruti Udyog Ltd. It provides on- line booking for servicing of the car. The user of the sites could be a customer, corporate or a dealer. There are five team members working on the project.

The general functionality of the site is:Customer or user can register by providing personal information, dealer preference and car details (one/multiple).

  • After registration, Maruti Udyog Ltd. Will provide customer a password to logon.
  • User can be an individual or corporate.
  • Dealers can logon directly through the logon page.
  • For booking the site gives various ooption: ADD, RESCHEDULE, CANCEL, PREVIOUS BOOKING DETAILS or MODIFICATION.
  • User can book the service with particular dealer for a particular date. This booking can be modified later by rescheduling the service.
  • The user also has the option to swap two cars for a particular date or swap multiple cars and date bookings.
  • The user has the option to cancel the bookings any time through the cancel option.
  • The site facilitates the user to view all the previous booking information details like type of service etc.
  • Dealer has the option to modify the booking availability.
  • Dealer can upload or download the data in text format.
  • Dealer can take out the reports for his account.

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