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Data Centric Knowledge Management System


The purpose of the Data Centric Knowledge Management System (DCKMS) is to centralize knowledge generated by employees working within and across functional areas, and to organize that knowledge such that it can be easily accessed, searched, browsed, navigated, and curated.

DCKMS is a web based application which allows employees of a company to share their knowledge with others in the company. Also it allows them to search for knowledge assets when in need. It provides a facility for the employees to register themselves as ‘experts’ as well as search for other ‘experts’ incase of any problem/requirement in their project. It is a one stop shop for finding solutions for your problems.

Every employee needs some help at some point of time. To solve some issues or bugs or problems employees has to depend upon many sources like internet. This is very difficult and time consuming task. Also accurate solution may not be available. Data Centric Knowledge Management System is a perfect solution to overcome the above mentioned problems. It provides a facility to share your knowledge by submitting various knowledge assets and to search for assets when in need. It allows users to search documents based on keywords as well as name of the author, topic, category etc.

This application allows users to register themselves as experts in their favorite areas. Also allows users to find and contact experts in order to seek help from them. This application provides end to end solution to maintain shared knowledge assets in a company. It allows K-Team and Experts to evaluate the documents submitted by various employees before publishing them. Also based on this rating various awards are being awarded to employees.

                This application maintains the entire data in a centralized and secured database server to maintain consistency in report generation and allows users to access from any location. This is an online application that allows multi-user access of system and to track or manage the data simultaneously. Various roles and authentications have been provided and access to various areas in the tool is restricted according to the role given to users.

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