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Client-Server Protocol Implementation


The main goal of this project is to implement the Client-Server Protocol Implementation.

The dream global communication is solved in a great deal by the introduction of Internet. This made the necessity of networking in communication clear.

The internet protocol TCP/IP uses computers called gateways. Which provide all interconnections among physical networks.

A gateway is a special purpose, dedicated computer that attaches to two or more networks and routes packets from one to other. It will be having the information regarding the network connected to it. The gateways exchange routing information periodically to accommodate network changes and keeps their route up-to-date.

This protocol permits a new core gateway to be added to the internet without modifying the existing gateways.

Whenever a new core gateway is added to the existing internet it will be assigned to one or more neighbours with which it communicates, the neighbours already members of the working internet have already propagated routing information among themselves.

Thus the gateway has to inform its neighbours about the network it could reach so that they can update the routing table and propagate the information to the remaining gateways in the internet. The new gateway also updates its routing table.
Firstly we deal about the gateways its function and routing in gateway in chapter 3 we discuss gateway to gateway protocol, its format and its application.

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