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This project entitled “CLASSIFIEDSis developed for those who want to place the advertisements online and also those who want to view the information about various advertisements.
These days advertisements plays very important role in bringing the information about various areas in front of the people.    
The basic objective of this project to enable the registered users to post the advertisements regarding properties, education, rentals, jobs.computers, automobiles, travels etc…, online at free of cost. Also enables any user to view the information regarding all this advertisements at free of cost.
This project is developed with net technology to enable client/server communication easier in the Internet. The developed project can be extended easily by adding extra features or incorporating additional requirements and integrating with other functions.

 This project is developed using  HTML and JAVA SCRIPT  as front end tools, JSP for server side scripting  and Oracle 8.0 as back end tool.
Requirement Specification

 The minimum configuration to use this proposed system is as follows:

Hardware Specification:
Processor     :-  Intel Celeron class processor with 233 MHz
RAM           :-  32 MB
Hard Disk    :-  2GB
Monitor        :- Color monitor
Keyboard     :- 101 keys
Mouse          :- Any pointing device
Software Specification:
Platform      :-  Windows 98,ME,2000,XP
Software      :-  Internet explorer 5.0, Java Webserver2.0,JSP, Oracle 8.0.

About the Project

The basic intension of this project is to provide classifieds information. For instance , user who wants to sale his property will enter into the site and put related information on net so that this  user will be contacted  by another user of the site who wish to buy that property. This internet application is used as platform for not only buying and selling but also provide
information like rentals, computers, jobs, travels, education , automotive etc..,

The software system is sub divided into following various functional modules.

  • Login Module
  • Rental Module
  • Education Module
  • Real Estate Module
  • Computers Module
  • Jobs Module
  • Automotive Module
  • Travels Module

The user should register to utilize the site. Each user will be given UserId and password. Using that Id and password user can enter in to the site and can put the ads. Those who wants to view the information they can with out registration. The Login Module  provides this facility.

The remaining modules Rental Module, Education Module, Real Estate Module, Computers Module, Jobs Module, Automotive Module, Travels Module allows the users to put respective information in the site. Those who wants the information they can see the information through search.

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