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The Cyber Shopping application is an Online Website for an Organization. It is a virtual showcase for different types of products like Electronic, Automobile, Jewellery, Fashion, and Film etc. The main aim of this project is to make Online shopping very easily. The Special thing about this project is it provides different types of products to purchase.

The Functionalities provided by the Project are as follows.

  • The Internet Appliances takes care of the requirements put forward by the customers through web.
  • Shows the information and description of the products.
  • Provides the searching facilities based on various factors.
  • Sells the Products online.
  • Keeps track of the Transaction.
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions.
  • Managing the suppliers of raw materials to the companies.
  • Provides the administrator facilities to update the list of products online without FTP.
  • Provides the Credit Card interface for accepting and validating various Credit Cards through the Banks.
  • Take care Securities for the Credit Card information.
  • User trusted site.

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