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The Ellesmere Sports and Leisure Club (“the club”) provides cricket, tennis, squash, bowls, and croquet facilities to its members.  In addition, there is a function room which is available to hire by anyone, and a bar / restaurant.  Two main forms of analysis were performed in order to determine problems with current systems  – the first being interviews with members of staff, and the second from my own observations being a member at the club for several years.  A transcript of the interviews is included in appendix C.  The “Object Oriented Analysis and Design” module provided useful guidance when performing the analysis.

          This chapter outlines the user requirements and objectives of the system and relates them to the minimum requirements for the project.  
          After performing the preliminary analysis, it was ascertained that there are four different categories of people that will use the system.  Within these categories, people will have varying amounts of computer experience.a

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