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NDT A Model-Driven Approach For Web Requirements


              Web engineering is a new research line in software engineering that covers the definition of processes, techniques, and models suitable for Web environments in order to guarantee the quality of results. The research community is working in this area and, as a very recent line, they are assuming the Model-Driven paradigm to support and solve some classic problems detected in Web developments. However, there is a lack in Web requirements treatment. This paper presents a general vision of Navigational Development Techniques (NDT), which is an approach to deal with requirements in Web systems. It is based on conclusions obtained in several comparative studies and it tries to fill some gaps detected by the research community. This paper presents its scope, its most important contributions, and offers a global vision of its associated tool: NDT-Tool. Furthermore, it analyzes how Web Engineering can be applied in the enterprise environment. NDT is being applied in real projects and has been adopted by several companies as a requirements methodology. The approach offers a Web requirements solution based on a Model-Driven paradigm that follows the most accepted tendencies by Web engineering.
Existing System:

  • Most approaches in Web engineering are focused on analysis and design phases.
  • They usually propose using classic requirements techniques, such as use cases, in order to capture and define requirements on the Web.
  • Metamodels do not offer specific artifacts to deal with the Web environment since only an approach for classic requirements treatment is offered.

Proposed System:

  • This project presents the power of tools that support metamodels because they are suitable for any approach defined using metamodels
  • NDT is a methodological approach which deals with requirements in Web environments.
  •  NDT was proposed in order to support the requirements engineering and the analysis phase of Web systems and is based on the MDE paradigm

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

    • PROCESSOR                   :     PENTIUM III 866 MHz
    • RAM                                  :       128 MB DD RAM
    • MONITOR                       :       15” COLOR
    • HARD DISK                     :       20 GB
    • FLOPPY DRIVE              :       1.44 MB
    • CDDRIVE                         :       LG 52X
    • KEYBOARD                    :       STANDARD 102 KEYS
    • MOUSE                           :         3 BUTTONS

Software Requirements:

  • LANGUAGE                 :    JAVA

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