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Implementing Multicast Distribution through Recursive Unicast trees


IP multicast is facing a slow take-off although it has been a hotly debated topic for more than a decade. Many reasons are responsible for this status. Hence, the Internet is likely to be organized with both unicast and multicast enabled networks. Thus, it is of utmost importance to design protocols that allow the progressive deployment of the multicast service by supporting unicast clouds. This paper presents HBH (hop-by-hop hybrid routing protocol). HBH adopts the source-specific channel abstraction to simplify address allocation and implements data distribution using recursive unicast trees, which allow the transparent support of unicast- only routers. An important original feature of HBH is its tree construction algorithm that takes into account the unicast routing asymmetries. Since most multicast routing protocols rely on the unicast infrastructure, the unicast asymmetries impact the structure of the multicast trees. We show through simulation that HBH outperforms other multicast routing protocols in terms of the delay experienced by the receivers and the bandwidth consumption of the multicast trees. Additionally, we show that HBH can be incrementally deployed and that with a small fraction of HBH-enabled routers in the network HBH outperforms application-layer multicast.

Existing System:

  • REUNITE faces some problems in the presenceof asymmetric unicast routes.
  • A multicast group is identified by a class-D IP address which is not related to any topological information, as opposed to the hierarchical unicast addressing model. Therefore, multicast address allocation is complex, and multicast forwarding state is difficult to aggregate.
  • Currently there is no scalable solution to inter-domain multicast routing.

Proposed System:

  • HBH a multicast routing protocol that implements multicast distribution through recursive unicast trees.
  • HBH allows the incremental deployment of the multicast service because unicast routers inside the network are transparently supported.
  • The main goals of HBH are: to support unicast clouds, allowing incremental deployment; to have a stable tree structure, by minimizing the impact of receiver departures; and to construct low-cost trees.

System Specification:

Hardware Specification:

RAM                      :    512 MB DD RAM
MONITOR             :    15” COLOR
HARD DISK         :     20 GB
FLOPPY DRIVE   :     1.44 MB
CDDRIVE              :    LG 52X
KEYBOARD         :     STANDARD 102 KEYS
MOUSE                 :    3 BUTTONS

Software Specification:

Front End              :  Java, Swing
Tools Used            :  JFrameBuilder
Operating System  :  WindowsXP

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