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File sharing in Hybrid model based P2P Systems For the Expected High Churn


We address the problem of highly transient populations in unstructured and loosely structured peer-to-peer (P2P) systems. We propose a number of illustrative query-related strategies and organizational protocols that, by taking into consideration the expected session times of peers (their lifespan), yield systems with performance characteristics more resilient to the natural instability of their environments. We first demonstrate the benefits of lifespan-based organizational protocols in terms of end-application performance and in the context of dynamic and heterogeneous Internet environments. We do this using a number of currently adopted and proposed query-related strategies, including methods for query distribution, caching, and replication. We then show, through trace-driven simulation and wide-area experimentation, the performance advantages of lifespan-based, query-related strategies when layered over currently employed and lifespan-based organizational protocols. While merely illustrative, the evaluated strategies and protocols clearly demonstrate the advantages of considering peers’ session time in designing widely-deployed P2P systems.

Existing Systems:

  • Query strategy is flooding, where a query is propagated to all neighbors within a certain radius.
  • It provides scalability problem

Proposed Systems:

  • Lifespan-based strategies for query distribution, caching, and replication.
  • The problem of highly transient populations in unstructured and loosely structured P2P systems can be rectified.
  • We present trace-driven simulation and wide-area experiment results that illustrate the performance advantages of considering peers’ estimated session time as a key system attribute in the design of Churn-resilient P2P systems

                        System Requirements

RAM                      :    512 MB DD RAM
MONITOR           :    15” COLOR
HARD DISK         :    20 GB
FLOPPY DRIVE   :   1.44 MB
CDDRIVE             :    LG 52X
MOUSE                 :    3 BUTTON 

Front End              :  Java, Swing
Tools Used            :  JFrameBuilder
Operating System  :  WindowsXP

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