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Abstract-Mitigating Performance Degradation in Congested Sensor Networks


           Data’s generated in Wireless Sensor Networks may not all alike, some Data’s are more important than other Data’s and they may have Different Delivery Requirements. If Congestion occurs in the Wireless Network. Some or More Important data’s may be dropped. But in our Project we handle this problem by addressing Differentiated Delivery Requirements. We propose a class of algorithms that enforce differentiated routing based on the congested areas of a network and data priority.
                                    The basic protocol, called Congestion-Aware Routing (CAR), discovers the congested zone of the network that exists between high-priority data sources and the data sink and, using simple forwarding rules, dedicates this portion of the network to forwarding primarily high-priority traffic. Since CAR requires some overhead for establishing the high-priority routing zone, it is unsuitable for highly mobile data sources. To accommodate these, we define MAC-Enhanced CAR (MCAR), which includes MAC-layer enhancements and a protocol for forming high-priority paths on the fly for each burst of data. MCAR effectively handles the mobility of high-priority data sources, at the expense of degrading the performance of low-priority traffic.

Existing System:

  •  Existing Schemes detect Congestion but they Consider all Data’s to be Equally Important.
  •  Average Data delivery is low.


Congestion  may  lead  to ,

  • Indiscriminate  dropping of data (i.e., high-priority (HP) packets maybe dropped while low-priority (LP) packets are delivered).

Proposed System:

  • Proposed System maintain separate route for both Low-Priority and High-Priority data


  • Use energy more uniformly in the deployment and reduce the energy consumed in the nodes that lie on the  conzone(Congested Zone), which  leads to an increase in connectivity lifetime  
  • CAR & MCAR  provides very low Jitter.
  • Both CAR & MCAR lead to a significant increase in Successful Packet delivery ratio of HP data.
  • Both CAR & MCAR lead to a  clear decrease in the average delivery delay.

Hardware Requirements:

  • PROCESSOR          :  PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz
  • RAM                      :    512 MB DD RAM
  • MONITOR           :    15” COLOR
  • HARD DISK            : 20 GB
  • FLOPPY DRIVE     : 1.44 MB
  • CDDRIVE             :    LG 52X
  • KEYBOARD           : STANDARD 102 KEYS
  • MOUSE                 :    3 BUTTONS

Software Requirements:

  • FRONT END                   :  Java, Swing
  • OPERATING SYSTEM  :  Window’s XP
  • BACK END                      :Ms Access

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