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Weblogic Application Server FAQs

31.If an administration server running machine got crashed, how will you restart the server with same configuration on new machine?

    • Oracle WebLogic Server allows the creation of a backup of the server as follows:
      • Install Oracle WebLogic Server on a backup machine.
      • Copy the application files to a backup machine.
      • Copy the configuration files to a backup machine.
      • Restart the Administration Server on a new machine.
    • The new Administration Server contacts the Managed Servers and informs them that it is running on a new IP address.

32.How can you run Multiple Weblogic server instances in a same physical machine?

    • You can run multiple instances of WLS using different configurations on the same physical machine at the same time by either:
      • Assigning multiple IP addresses to a machine (multihoming) and defining each server to use a unique IP address
      • Specifying the same IP address but using different listen ports
    • A multihomed machine:
      • Is a machine with multiple IP addresses
      • Can run a different WLS instance that is bound to each IP address
      • Can be used to configure a cluster on a single machine

33.How will you create Domain Template? Explain briefly?

    • A domain template defines the full set of resources within a domain.
    • Oracle provides sample templates for creating any platform domain.
    • There are three ways to create domain templates:
      • WLST offline command line tool
      • pack command
      • Domain Template Builder ( under WL_HOME/common/bin)
    • Use the Domain Template Builder to create a domain template or an extension template.
    • Using the Domain Template Builder:
      • Define a domain and replicate it across multiple projects
      • Distribute a domain packed with an application that has been developed to run in it

34.What are the default Weblogic provided Groups for security realm?

  • Administrators
  • Deployers
  • Operators
  • Monitors
  • AppTesters
  • CrossDomainConnectors
  • AdminChannelUsers

35.What are the default Weblogic provided Roles for security realm?

  • Admin
  • Deployer
  • Operator
  • Monitor
  • AppTester
  • CrossDomainConnectors
  • AdminChannelUsers
  • Anonymous

36.What is the default Weblogic provided domain template file name and location?
Wls.jar is the default domain template and the location is WL_HOME\common\templates\domains
37.What are the elements of the Administration console?

  • Change Center
  • Domain Structure
  • How do I…
  • Tool Bar
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • System Status

38.What are the Node elements of the Administration console or Domain Structure?

  • Environment (Servers, Clusters, Virtual Hosts, Migratable Targets,  Machines …)
  • Deployment
  • Services (Messaging, JDBC, Persistent Store, JTA, File T3, jCOM …)
  • Security Realms
  • Interoperability
  • Diagnostics (Log Files, Diagnostics Modules, Diagnostics Images, Archives, Context)

39.What are the Tool Bar elements in Weblogic?

  • Welcome Message
  • Connected to
  • Home
  • Log Out
  • Preferences
  • Record
  • Help
  • Search

40.How will you enable the Administration Console?
By default, the Administration Console is enabled. If you disable it, you can re-enable it using the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST). Start the Administration Server, then invoke WLST and use the following commands:
Using WLST to Re-enable the Console
The following attribute(s) have been changed on MBeans which require server re-start.MBean Changed : com.bea:Name=mydomain,Type=Domain Attributes changed :
Activation complete