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Q29. What does web module contain?

The web module contains:
• JSP files,
• class files for Servlets,
• GIF and HTML files, and
• A Web deployment descriptor.
  Web modules are packaged as JAR files with a .war (Web Archive) extension.

Q30. What APIs are available for developing a J2EE application?

• Enterprise JavaBeans Technology(3 beans: Session Beans, Entity Beans and
  Message-Driven Beans)
• JDBC API(application level interface and service provider interface or driver)
• Java Servlets Technology(Servlet)
• Java ServerPage Technology(JSP)
• Java Message Service(JMS)
• Java Naming and Directory Interface(JNDI)
• Java Transaction API(JTA)
• JavaMail API
• JavaBeans Activation Framework(JAF used by JavaMail)
• Java API for XML Processing(JAXP,SAX, DOM, XSLT)
• Java API for XML Registries(JAXR)
• Java API for XML-Based RPC(JAX-RPC)-SOAP standard and HTTP
• SOAP with Attachments API for Java(SAAJ)-- low-level API upon which JAX-RPC
• J2EE Connector Architecture
• Java Authentication and Authorization Service(JAAS)